Subject Access Requests

Subject Access Requests

Your right to see your health records

A health record is any record of information relating to someone’s physical or mental health that has been made by (or on behalf of) a health professional. This could be anything from the notes made by a GP in your local surgery to results of an MRI scan or X-rays.  Health records are extremely personal and sensitive. They can be held electronically or as paper files, and are kept by a range of different health professionals both in the NHS and the private sector.

How can I access my records?

To do so, you will need to make your request verbally or in writing to The Old Links Surgery (email is acceptable using [email protected]). Please address your letter to the Practice Manager. This is known as a Subject Access Request.

Please include the words ‘Subject Access Request’ at the beginning of your letter or in the subject line of your email.

A copy of the Subject Access request form is available below for you to download.

SAR Form

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